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Ukraine introduces a new type of sanction

May 2022 – Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, there has been a plethora of new legislation establishing mechanisms for an adequate political and legal response to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Kinstellar takes part in the ‘Brave Ukraine’ fundraising event organised by the Ukrainian Embassy in London

May 2022 – Kinstellar is honoured to have taken part in the ‘Brave Ukraine’ event organised by the Ukrainian Embassy in London on 12 May 2022. We were represented by Jason Mogg, Senior Partner, and Daniel Bilak, Chairman of the Management Committee...

Misinformation in cyberspace

May 2022 – Since the war in Ukraine became the main subject of newspaper headlines, the amount of related misinformation spread online has reached new heights. As a result, several governments have adopted legislation that provides tools to combat the...

Cybersecurity in Emerging Europe and Central Asia

May 2022 – With the invasion of Ukraine and a substantial increase in cyberattacks on governments, critical infrastructure and other strategic targets, the topic of cybersecurity has gained even more importance. Below is an overview of the steps that...

Unblocking the registration of presence of foreign NGOs in Ukraine

May 2022 – Following the introduction of martial law in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, registration actions were significantly limited and the registration of presence of foreign NGOs was suspended. On 28 April 2022, the CMU introduced further legislative...

Ukraine adapts regulations for joint stock companies to the martial law regime

April 2022 – During March–April 2022, the Ukrainian authorities adopted a set of measures to address the challenges and uncertainties that joint stock companies (“JSC”) have faced since the start of the war.

National Bank of Ukraine imposes restrictions on the purchase of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets

April 2022 – The war in Ukraine is being felt across many industries, and the virtual assets market is no exception. In order to prevent a negative outflow of capital, the National Bank of Ukraine (“NBU”) has indirectly prohibited the purchase of...

Data Privacy Concerns in the Metaverse. May the privacy be with us!

April 2022 – All of us have concerns regarding data privacy in the metaverse. Countless questions come to mind, such as: What is the metaverse? Can a digital personality be considered as personal data? What happens if digital data is processed? In this...

Questions and answers about the special single tax system during the martial law on the territory of Ukraine

April 2022 – Special single tax system rules have been introduced by Law of Ukraine No. 2120-IX as of 15 March 2022 (effective starting 17 March 2022) and by Law of Ukraine No. 2142-IX as of 24 March 2022 (effective starting 5 April 2022). We have prepared...

Merger and concerted action controls in Ukraine during martial law

April 2022 – Due to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the operations of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) have been adjusted or suspended in a number of ways. As a result, on 30 March 2022 the AMC adopted Guidelines...