Decentralized clinical trials: Current developments in CEE and Turkey

January 2023 – The rapid development of technologies and solutions in the healthcare sector is contributing to the proliferation of decentralised clinical trials (“DCTs”).  The aim of DCTs is for clinical trials to be conducted more effectively and conveniently – for patients, sponsors and investigators – through the use of digital technologies. In addition, with hospital visits temporarily limited and staff capacities overwhelmed, the challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly underscored the necessity of performing certain elements of clinical trials remotely.

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Decentralized clinical trials


The summary was written by Partner Tomáš Čihula with the support of our entire Life Sciences & Healthcare team.


  • Bulgaria: Svilen Issaev, Debora Dineva
  • Croatia: Matea Sekur
  • Czech Republic: Tomáš Čihula, Simona Semanová
  • Hungary: Eszter Takácsi-Nagy
  • Romania: Iustinian Captariu, Catalin Graure
  • Serbia: Nikola Stojiljković, Aleksandra Stećuk
  • Slovakia: Peter Kováč, Katarína Sowada
  • Turkey: Mert Elçin
  • Ukraine: Galyna Zagorodniuk, Larysa Gorbunova
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