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Development of Artificial Intelligence in Bulgaria until 2030

August 2020 – On 19 August 19 2020, the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications released a new draft strategy entitled Concept for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Bulgaria until 2030. It aims to define focal areas for building scientific and expert capacity for the development and implementation of AI systems and to build on the measures and activities set as a priority in other relevant national strategic documents, including in particular “Vision, Objectives and Priorities for the National Development Program: Bulgaria 2030.”

Based on the EU-wide principles for the development and implementation of AI technologies, the national AI strategy takes a broad-spectrum approach to encouraging the introduction of next-generation digital technologies in Bulgaria and offers a timely and reliable assessment of possible risks. This framework strategy is expected to play an important role during the next decade in the development of important national policies in the areas of science and scientific infrastructure; education and skills; intelligent industry; electronic public administration; sustainable agriculture; and e-health.

The main impact areas and measures that are envisaged are:

  • Building a reliable infrastructure for AI development, which entails data collection and sharing in the private sector, among others;
  • Development of research capacity for scientific excellence through enhanced international scientific cooperation and science-business relations and the creation of a Bulgarian centre of excellence in AI;
  • Creation of knowledge and skills for the development and use of AI, including vocational training, retraining and lifelong learning;
  • Support for innovation in order to implement AI in practice by kick-starting a number of projects such as ‘Living Labs’ targeted at SMEs and real-time data transmission platforms that could be especially beneficial to the agriculture and e-health sectors;
  • Raising awareness and building trust in society regarding AI by creating new communication channels and stimulating the active sharing of good practices and success stories;
  • Creating a regulatory framework for the development and use of reliable AI in accordance with international regulatory and ethical standards; this will begin with an initial evaluation of the applicability and effectiveness of existing regulatory measures;
  • Creating conditions for financing and sustainable investments for the development of AI using national and EU funds.

All interested parties, including companies active on digital and digitally-enabled markets such as yours, are invited to provide feedback on the concept until 18 September 2020. For your convenience, please refer to the original document (in Bulgarian only) here.

Please let us know if you would like to share your views on the draft strategic document. We would be pleased to assist you with the drafting and submission of opinions or provide any other assistance you may deem necessary.

For more information please contact Anton Petrov, Of Counsel, Head of the local TMT practice, Sofia, at