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Unblocking the registration of presence of foreign NGOs in Ukraine

May 2022 – Following the introduction of martial law in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, registration actions were significantly limited and the registration of presence of foreign NGOs was suspended. On 28 April 2022, the CMU introduced further legislative...

Long term renewable power purchase agreements with renewable energy generators

May 2022 – The sale of the generated electricity by renewable energy generators through market-based long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) is a fairly new phenomenon in the Hungarian electricity market. Whilst PPAs have already been concluded between...

Ukraine adapts regulations for joint stock companies to the martial law regime

April 2022 – During March–April 2022, the Ukrainian authorities adopted a set of measures to address the challenges and uncertainties that joint stock companies (“JSC”) have faced since the start of the war.

Kinstellar expands its Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) service line in the Czech Republic

April 2022 – Kinstellar is pleased to announce that Petr Bratský has joined the firm’s Prague office as Head of the local TMT sector and service line. His addition to the firm strengthens our expertise in the TMT area.

Setting up operations in Turkey

April 2022 – With France and Austria deciding on data protection issues in relation to Google Analytics, many more countries have followed suit in relevant changes to so-called web browser cookies. In order to limit the amount and quality of data retrieved...

National Bank of Ukraine imposes restrictions on the purchase of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets

April 2022 – The war in Ukraine is being felt across many industries, and the virtual assets market is no exception. In order to prevent a negative outflow of capital, the National Bank of Ukraine (“NBU”) has indirectly prohibited the purchase of...

International sanctions – direct impact on individuals and businesses in the Czech Republic

April 2022 – In response to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the European Union continues (along with other countries) to announce additional sanctions against the Russian Federation and Belarus. Presently, sanctions include, inter alia, bans...

Kuanysh Shekerbekov participates in a panel discussion in connection with the official presentation of the “VC Guide for Founders”

April 2022 – Kuanysh Shekerbekov, Managing Associate of Kinstellar’s Almaty office, participated as a speaker in a panel discussion in connection with the official presentation of the “VC Guide for Founders”. The event took place on 8 April 2022...

Data Privacy Concerns in the Metaverse. May the privacy be with us!

April 2022 – All of us have concerns regarding data privacy in the metaverse. Countless questions come to mind, such as: What is the metaverse? Can a digital personality be considered as personal data? What happens if digital data is processed? In this...

Setting up operations in Romania

April 2022 – Today’s uncertainties at the European Union’s eastern border have left companies questioning the safety of their people and the continuity of their operations in that part of the world. Businesses in the IT and BPO sectors that had...