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Romania: Impact on the energy sector of government-imposed price controls and essential personnel isolation measures in response to COVID-19

30 March 2020 – Confronted with a rapid spread of COVID-19 cases — fuelled in part by a high number of citizens returning from high-risk countries — the Romanian government has introduced additional measures to contain the spread of the pandemic...

Czech Republic: A First Aid Package for your business – What immediate measures to take?

30 March 2020 – Many companies are in a state of near-paralysis as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic. At such a time, it is important to stop and think about what can be done to mitigate and avert further business disruptions.

Czech Republic: Overview of the Government financial aid available in relation to the COVID 19 situation

30 March 2020 – Our COVID-19 Task Force has summarised, in the document attached, the financial aid available in the Czech Republic, in relation to the COVID 19 situation.

Czech Republic: COVID-19 Legal Analysis: Employment – Data Protection – Contracts – Damages

30 March 2020 – The COVID-19 virus continues to spread around the globe, and the rate of infection in the Czech Republic is also increasing dramatically. Understandably, the main goal for everyone at present is to remain safe and healthy. But at the...

Czech Republic: Amendments to the Insolvency Act in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

29 March 2020 – In response to the economic impact of the current crisis resulting from Czech government measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, amendments to Act No. 182/2006 on insolvency procedures (the “Insolvency Act”) are currently being...

Turkey: Turkish Competition Authority responses to the COVID-19 outbreak

28 March 2020 – As many competition authorities around the world make announcements on their approach to the global COVID-19 outbreak, we have been waiting to see how the Turkish Competition Authority (the “TCA”) will respond to the crisis.

Turkey: Summary of financial support available to companies during the COVID-19 outbreak

27 March 2020 – The COVID-19 outbreak affects our daily, as well as our business life. Many enterprises will need to draw on different means of financial support to manage their cash flows and continue their operations in this difficult time. We have...

Regional: Updated information about certain measures taken by governments in the Kinstellar jurisdictions in relation to the COVID-19 situation

27 March 2020 – Kinstellar has established a firm-wide COVID-19 Legal Task Force with dedicated legal experts from across our relevant sector focus teams and practice groups. Our Task Force will keep you up to date regarding the legal issues, including...

Czech Republic: Inspection of persons entering company premises during the coronavirus pandemic in compliance with GDPR

27 March 2020 – This overview outlines the essential dos and don’ts of potential preventative measures associated with the presence of persons in company premises, whether employees, visitors, couriers or anyone else.

Slovakia: How to hold official company meetings during the COVID-19 crisis

27 March 2020 – Companies in Slovakia dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak undoubtedly face several issues and matters that need to be discussed and approved at official corporate body meetings such as the General Meeting or meetings of the Board of Directors...