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Czech Republic: Inspection of persons entering company premises during the coronavirus pandemic in compliance with GDPR

27 March 2020 – This overview outlines the essential dos and don’ts of potential preventative measures associated with the presence of persons in company premises, whether employees, visitors, couriers or anyone else.

Enhancing whistleblower protection: Will the whistle blow louder?

June 2019 – The new Slovak Act on Whistleblowing that took effect 1 March 2019 has introduced some notable changes to the obligations that employers faced under the previous Act on Whistleblowing valid until 28 February 2019.

Kinstellar contributes to the International Bar Association (IBA) report: “Structured Settlements for Corruption Offences: Towards Global Standards?”

January 2019 — Kinstellar is proud that experts from our Compliance, Risk and Sensitive Investigations (CRSI) practice are contributors to the report “Structured Settlements for Corruption Offences: Towards Global Standards?” published by the Structured...

Bulgaria-based corporates and NGOs must disclose their ultimate beneficial owners by June 2019

December 2018 – Significant regulatory developments marked the year 2018 in Bulgaria. A new Act on the Measures against Money Laundering (the “AML Act” or the “Act”) was also adopted with view to transposing Directive (EU) 2015/849 on the prevention...

Martial law introduced in several regions of Ukraine may affect business operations

November 2018 – On 26 November 2018, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the Law that approves the Decree of the President of Ukraine on the imposition of martial law (not to be confused with a ‘state of war’) in Ukraine. The new Law, effective 28...

Fourth anti-money laundering directive in Slovakia: New rules on disclosure of ultimate beneficial owners

May 2018 – The 4th AML Directive (EU Directive 2015/849) has recently been transposed to the Slovak Act on Money Laundering (the “AML Act”). Most of the changes brought by the amended AML Act introduce new obligations for “obliged persons” –...

New Law in Serbia on the Organisation and Jurisdiction of Government Authorities in the Suppression of Organised Crime, Terrorism and Corruption takes effect

March 2018 – The long-awaited implementation of the Law on the Organisation and Jurisdiction of Government Authorities on the Suppression of Organised Crime, Terrorism and Corruption (the “Law”) came into effect on 1 March 2018. The Law was adopted...

Cybercrime: The road begins in Hungary

December 2017 – Each year hundreds of billions of dollars are lost by companies due to cybercrimes committed by criminals. These attacks vary from sophisticated hacking to primitive fraud attempts.

UK and Czech Republic: anti-bribery laws compared

November 2017 – The UK Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1 July 2011, creating for businesses operating in the UK the most stringent and far reaching anti-bribery legal regime in the world. In particular, it imposed strict criminal liability on corporates...

Kinstellar authors chapter of the “Anti-Corruption Law and Practice Report 2017’’

June 2017 – The IBA Anti-Corruption Committee's Drivers of Corruption Subcommittee has issued a new report named "Innovation in Enforcement and Compliance". We are proud to have contributed to the "Challenges in internal investigations" chapter.