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Ukraine and EU sign Common Civil Aviation Area Agreement

November 2021 – A recent article in Ukrainian legal affairs newspaper "Yurydychna Praktyka" ("Юридична Практика) features the comments of three Kinstellar experts—Vincent Morand (Senior Legal Advisor based in Prague), Oleksandr Kurdydyk...

Ukraine seeks private-sector engagement for modernisation of its port infrastructure

August 2021 – Despite having the largest port potential in the region, with 13 state-owned seaports located on the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas, Ukraine’s port industry struggles with various problems, including outdated and worn-out equipment...

Law resuming large-scale privatisation in Ukraine signed by the President

April 2021 – On 29 April 2021, the President of Ukraine signed the Law of Ukraine “On Amendment to Section V ‘Final and Transitional Provisions’ of the Law of Ukraine on the Privatisation of State and Municipal Property for the resumption of auctions...

Update on published bidding procedures in Romania

5 June 2020 – New public bidding procedures have recently been published in SEAP (the Romanian Electronic System for Public Procurements). Below we highlight a number of high-value procurement procedures selected by our team that target the Romanian...

Regional: EPC Projects in the era of the global pandemic. Practical guide to approach your EPC Contracts during the COVID-19 crisis

6 April 2020 – The current global pandemic situation has dire consequences for the energy & natural resources sector, including on energy and petrochemical development projects and revamp / refurbishment projects across the sub-systems in the energy...

Ukraine announces concession tenders for the Kherson and Olvia seaports

September 2019 – Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure has announced pilot tenders for the Kherson and Olvia seaports on the Black Sea. The first tender notification was published in the Uriadovyi Kurier newspaper on 12 September 2019 and opens the...

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