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Ukraine and EU sign Common Civil Aviation Area Agreement

November 2021 – A recent article in Ukrainian legal affairs newspaper "Yurydychna Praktyka" ("Юридична Практика) features the comments of three Kinstellar experts—Vincent Morand (Senior Legal Advisor based in Prague), Oleksandr Kurdydyk...

Hungary ranks fourth on the list of European countries with the highest number of GDPR fines

November 2021 – According to a recent report by the cybersecurity company ESET, since the entry into force in May 2018 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Hungary’s data protection authority has imposed the fourth-highest number of...

Overview of 5G auctions in Kinstellar jurisdictions

November 2021 – The introduction of 5G networks has opened a wide range of new possibilities in a variety of sectors (including manufacturing, health, energy, automotive, media and entertainment). 5G implementation remains a hot topic. Please click...

Spotlight on Uzbekistan: Kinstellar’s regular look at the Uzbek market - November 2021

November 2021 – This issue covers the following topics: 

Software license agreements in Ukraine

October 2021 – The development of technology has led, among other things, to the emergence of different ways of software delivery to the end user.

Romanian Employment Updates - October 2021

Romanian Employment Updates – October 2021

Ukraine: The deadline to fulfil UBO disclosure requirements extended until July 2022

October 2021 – On 10 October 2021, Law of Ukraine No.1805-IX “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on the Prevention and Counteraction to the Legalisation (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime, Financing of Terrorism and Financing of the Proliferation...

New rules for the cultivation and export of medical cannabis and increased limits for THC concentrations in industrial hemp in the Czech Republic

October 2021 – On 8 October 2021, an amendment to the Act on Addictive Substances (the “Amendment”) was published. The Amendment is designed to expand the possibilities for cultivating medical use cannabis to a broader range of subjects, including...

“Diia City”: A special legal and tax regime for IT companies in Ukraine is coming into play

August 2021 – On 14 August 2021, the Law “On Stimulation of the Development of the Digital Economy in Ukraine” No. 4303 (“Diia City Law“) came in force.

Ukraine seeks private-sector engagement for modernisation of its port infrastructure

August 2021 – Despite having the largest port potential in the region, with 13 state-owned seaports located on the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas, Ukraine’s port industry struggles with various problems, including outdated and worn-out equipment...