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Czech Republic attempts to make approval of state aid measures conditional on the absence of links to non-cooperative jurisdictions

October 2020 – The fight against the so-called tax havens has been a major ongoing issue both at the European Union level and also for Member States. A list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions has been maintained by the EU since 2017. The battle against...

Draft Serbian Law on Digital Assets published for public consultations

October 2020 – On 13 October 2020, a draft Law on Digital Assets (the “Draft”) was published in Serbia for public consultations, which will be open until 28 October 2020. Below is a preliminary overview of the main provisions of the Draft. A more...

The Turkish Competition Authority wants to take “a quick look” at employees’ personal mobile devices

October 2020 – Overview of recently issued “Guidelines for the Examination of Digital Data during On-site Inspections”.

Two-minute recap of recent developments in Turkish competition law – September 2020

October 2020 – After initiating several on-going investigations and two sector inquiries (on digital markets and on e-commerce), it can be said that September was quite an active month for the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA).

Slovakia: Important changes to the Commercial Code

October 2020 – A major amendment to Slovak Act No. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code (the “Commercial Code”) and related legislation entered into force on 1 October 2020. Below we provide a summary of key changes that may affect many entities carrying...

Updated guidance for clinical trials of medicinal products in Ukraine

October 2020 – On 28 September 2020, the State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine ("the Centre") updated its non-binding guidance on the conduct of clinical trials of medicinal products, considering the current quarantine restrictions...

Abolition of real estate acquisition tax – Czech Government seeks streamlining in response to Coronavirus pandemic

October 2020 – A long-debated government bill to abolish the real estate acquisition tax was signed into law by President Miloš Zeman on 18 September 2020. As a final step, the Act will now be formally announced into the Collection of Laws.

Czech data protection authority imposes highest-ever fine for distribution of unsolicited commercial communications

October 2020 – The Czech Data Protection Authority (the “DPA”) has imposed a fine totaling 6,000,000 CZK (approximately 250,000 EUR) to a car dealership for its repeated distribution of unsolicited commercial communications to almost 500,000 thousand...

Ukraine significantly eases immigration quota eligibility requirements for IT specialists

October 2020 – New eligibility requirements and a revised immigration quota allocation for IT specialists have come into effect in Ukraine. In particular, the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine has introduced changes...

Ukraine relaunches privatisation

September 2020 – Yesterday, 22 September, the President of Ukraine signed the Law which amends the Law of Ukraine "On privatisation of state and communal property" (the "Law"), introduces parliamentary control over the privatisation of state property...