Times change. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t.

For more than 20 years, the core team of senior lawyers leading Kinstellar have been working together handling some of the region’s most important transactions. Below is an overview of major milestones and achievements.

  • 1989 – Fall of the Iron Curtain in CEE
  • 1992 – Establishment of Prague office
  • 1993 – Dissolution of Czechoslovakia: the ‘Velvet Divorce’
  • 1993 – Establishment of Bratislava and Bucharest offices (Burns Schwartz)
  • 1999 – Prague office becomes part of Linklaters & Alliance
  • 2000 – Prague, Bratislava and Bucharest offices are merged into Linklaters
  • 2000 – Establishment of Budapest office
  • 2004 – Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia join the EU
  • 2007 – Romania joins the EU
  • 2008 – Spinoff of Prague, Bratislava, Bucharest and Budapest offices from Linklaters and launch of Kinstellar as an independent firm
  • 2010 – Establishment of Belgrade office*
  • 2010 – Establishment of Istanbul office**
  • 2010 – Kinstellar named 'Emerging Law Firm of the Year' by The Lawyer
  • 2012 – Kinstellar receives 'Central & Eastern Europe Client Service Award' from Chambers Europe
  • 2013 – Establishment of Almaty office
  • 2014 – Establishment of Sofia office
  • 2015 – Kinstellar named 'Hungarian Law Firm of the Year' at the Chambers Awards for Excellence
  • 2016 – Establishment of Kyiv office
  • 2016 – Kinstellar named 'Law Firm of the Year: Central Europe' by The Lawyer
  • 2017 – Kinstellar named 'Law Firm of the Year: Central Europe' by The Lawyer


    * In compliance with Serbian law and applicable Serbian national and local bar regulations, Kinstellar’s entity in Serbia (Kinstellar d.o.o.) is not a provider of legal services. Kinstellar advises international and local clients in Serbia in cooperation with Serbian law firm Zajednička advokatska kancelarija Marić & Mujezinović.

    ** In Istanbul Turkish lawyers are required by local bar regulations to practice in a Turkish firm which may not use an international brand name. Kinstellar provides Turkish law advice through its affiliated Turkish attorney partnership CCAO.

    1. 2014 – Establishment of Sofia office